Visitor Management System India

Visitor Management System India

Visitor Management System India

Are you the residents of the society who are always bothered by unknown people at your door? That’s highly insecure; why not opt for a visitor management system that will ensure your society's upkeep and safety?


The visitor management system has been excellently serving customers in various ways. One such visitor system is the one that is specifically made for the residential society. It's very easy to use and user-friendly, so can easily be operated so that there is security and safety for the residents living in that society. No external unknown people banging on your door or ringing your doorbells for no particular reason. Also, there are fewer chances that an unknown person will be admitted inside without your proper knowledge and permission. It’s a type of security that is in the hands of all the society members or residents who are living together. 


Managing society visitors, with ease


The visitor monitoring system has a feature that monitors whoever is entering your society. It will help you to stay connected with all other society members of the society association and will timely get notifications and updates like lift maintenance, water pump issues, or any such problem that needs to be urgently informed to the whole society. Also, you can discuss your concerns so that they can be addressed as soon as possible by the society association.


A very helpful feature associated with the visitor management system


Many of the visitor accesses come with facial recognition and a scanner for the number plate of the visitor vehicle for entry of the visitor. This makes access faster as no manual record needs to be maintained by any watchman and also security wises it's very beneficial. No new face will be allowed to enter society. The visitor management system is also developed in the regional language for better understanding and usage. A visitor pass can be provided for house helpers, watchmen, or vegetable grocers so that you know that the people entering your society are known and trustworthy people. 


Secure and cost-effective


The visitor management system is certainly the best way to improve the security and safety of your society from unknown visitors. It also limits the health risk. There is also a provision for measuring temperature that passes the security gate. As today is the time of pandemic situation we are fighting COVID-19 and health security is of utmost importance.


Multiple features


There are visitor management systems that come with parking management which is so helpful especially since there are no outsiders that can come with their vehicles inside the society premises. And it is one of the very important ways to improve the security of all the residents living in the society. Accounting-connected work like monthly collection or other such billing is taken care of easily. As alerting the customer is made easy. Whenever any unknown visitor comes to see you as your extended family member or friends, notification is sent immediately to the concerned person and residents of the society can approve their visit. It makes like simple and easy for you. 

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